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Shadowland (Prologue)

Title: Shadowland
Summary: Rapunzel's first sunset had been the world's last.
Rating: PG
Warning: Themes of darkness, literal and otherwise; mentions of/thoughts of human sacrifice.
Fandom: Disney
Verse: Shadowland Verse
Characters/Pairing: Rapunzel, Corona's King and Queen, references to Yzma.
Word Count: ~384
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Disney does, and I make no profit.
Author's Note: Suggested listening: Shadowland from The Lion King on Broadway, the song that heavily inspired this fic. (On a smiliar note, the verse is based on the song "Snuff Out the Light" from a scrapped version of The Emperor's New Groove.) Also I realize that a world with years of no sun would not be able to sustain life. But. Disney magic, people. Disney magic.

Rapunzel's first sunset had been the world's last.

When the girl with a drop of sun in her was born, a magician in a faraway kingdom had just been completing a plan many years in the works. She'd brought darkness to the world and snuffed out the sun. Now, little grew and dark, terrible creatures roamed the earth. Under Yzma's power, sacrifices were made regularly to keep the moon strong and full and the sun darkened. It was a barren, cold, and terrifying world... That Rapunzel's parents had done her best to keep her from. They feared that if Yzma knew of their daughter; of the girl who had the sun's power in her... Their daughter would be killed.

But Rapunzel was no longer a girl. She was a woman now, and knew far too much of what was happening in the world around her to stay hidden. It wasn't fair... Not when she might be able to stop all of this. She knew the story of her miraculous birth. If she could somehow give that power back to the sun... No matter what it took, she would do it. She wanted the world to be right again, the way she'd heard her parents speak of it; the way she'd seen it in her books... The way she always painted it in her art.

And she'd heard of all sorts of people out there with great wisdom and power; people who were always working to fix things. They could help her, she was sure of it.

Rapunzel knew her parents wouldn't be convinced.

It was night, so to speak, when she left, according to clocks still set from when the world had a true day and night. She had crept out softly with very few possessions, stopping only to look into her parents' bedroom and wish she could say goodbye... But it was a risk she couldn't take. No, she had to leave before anyone stopped her.

She would be safe. She knew it. There was whisper of resistance from palace servants; from trusted visitors. She would find them, and they would help her. And if not... If she had to do everything on her own... She would. Anything to restore beauty and joy and life to the world.

There would be light again.