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Shadowland (Chapter 1)

Title: Shadowland
Summary: The house seemed abandoned.
Rating: PG
Warning: Themes of darkness, literal and otherwise.
Fandom: Disney
Verse: Shadowland Verse
Characters/Pairing: Rapunzel
Word Count: ~429
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Disney does, and I make no profit.

Clean, slender fingers brushed over the rusty gate, collecting reddish dust that was rubbed between the thumb and forefinger of the hand of an artist; a crafter. One who was, perhaps, a touch more world-weary since leaving home. It had been a week, and the few people she met were hardly willing to help her. Rapunzel understood. They were scared, and they didn’t know who she was. She wasn’t quite trusting enough to tell them, after all. She’d come up with aliases -- Lily, Annie -- and received a few monikers -- Goldilocks, Blondie. The nicknames gave her hope, actually. They showed there was more left in people than fear.

But she never stayed long. She didn’t think Yzma even knew of her. That had been the point of staying in guarded all those years. Still, she had to be safe, and she wouldn’t endanger innocent lives.

So far, there was no sign of any resistance; any fight. But it had only been a week, and Rapunzel was far from ready to give up, despite not having the high hopes she had at the start of this quest. Her eyes wandered up to the building behind the gated fence. Tall, yet humble, it was a wooden structure that looked like it was starting to give in to time. But it also looked abandoned, and Rapunzel was growing tired… It might be the perfect place to spend a night or two.

She decided to investigate.

The inside of the building wasn’t in much better shape, but it was staying together well enough that she could get the water-pump working, and was fairly sure she would have been able to kindle the stove… If she’d had anything to cook. She didn’t, so the point was moot. She moved on from the kitchen and through the rest of the rooms; bedrooms, a parlor, bathrooms, studies… It all looked as if it had been looked after recently enough, but not by someone who had much practice with cleaning. She might have done some closer work herself, in case someone did live here, but… Should she? She couldn’t imagine there’d be harm; why would someone working for Yzma be living in such squalor?

In the end, she found her internal argument giving way to sleepiness, and she climbed into a slightly musty bed, burrowing beneath a thick woolen blanket. She’d be up soon to explore the upper levels and make sure she was alone…

She didn’t wake up until a hand was shaking her shoulder roughly, and someone was saying, “Hey, Goldilocks! Wake up!”